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Types of Maritime Accidents

In the vast and unforgiving realm of the sea, Houston’s maritime workers confront dangers that lurk beneath every wave and behind every piece of machinery. From the icy grip of hypothermia to the crushing weight of a mechanical failure, the range of potential injuries is as vast as the ocean itself.

Burns, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries are not just possibilities — they are realities in the harsh maritime environment. Every day can be a battle against the elements and the odds.

If you or a loved one have experienced the harrowing reality of a maritime accident, the path to recovery and justice can seem as daunting as the sea itself.

At Johnson Garcia, we understand the depth of the impact these accidents can have, not just physically but emotionally and financially. Our firm is dedicated to navigating the complex legal waters on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their rights are fiercely protected and their voices heard. This page aims to outline the different types of maritime accidents and the legal recourse available.

Types of Maritime Accidents

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Cruise Vessels

A sudden accident on your blissful cruise can turn your vacation at sea into a nightmare. Whether it’s a slip and fall on a freshly mopped deck, an injury during a casual game of deck tennis, or an unforeseen incident in the bustling activity hub — the reality is that accidents on cruise ships can happen to anyone, anytime, turning leisure into a nightmare.

Cruise lines often have complex legal strategies designed to skirt liability, leveraging international maritime regulations to their advantage. At Johnson Garcia, we’re more than prepared to counter them. We conduct a thorough investigation of the ship’s safety protocols, scrutinize maintenance records, and critically assess crew responses. We aim to uncover where the cruise line may have fallen short in their duty of care, ensuring that the burden of their mistakes doesn’t fall on you.

At Johnson Garcia, we ensure that your holiday mishap is taken seriously and that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve for the disruption and distress caused.

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing isn’t just a job in Houston — it’s an adventure with risks. When things go wrong here — equipment failures, storms tossing the boat like a toy — the consequences can be dire. Injuries here are not just physical but can leave lasting scars, both mentally and emotionally. A crew member’s slip on a wet deck, a hand caught in the winch, or being swept overboard by a rogue wave — these are not just incidents but life-changing events.

Navigating the aftermath of a commercial fishing accident requires more than just legal know-how. It demands an understanding of the sea and those who brave its depths. We’re here to ensure that the companies responsible don’t just shrug off their duties under the guise of “occupational hazards.”

At Johnson Garcia, we’re more than lawyers — we’re advocates who stand with you against the storm. We check the gear, analyzing every hook and net for signs of failure. We dissect weather reports, understanding the conditions you face. Our goal is more than just proving a point — it’s about charting a course to recovery.


Tugboats might be small, but their problems can be big. In the compact world of tugboats, accidents can happen in a flash but leave lasting impacts. Collisions, deckhand injuries, or slips and falls are risks that are as present as the navigated waters. Proving fault or negligence in these cases requires a deep understanding of tugboat operations and maritime law.

At Johnson Garcia, we look at each small detail others might overlook — examining communication logs, scrutinizing the training of the crew, and dissecting the moments leading up to the accident. We know a seemingly minor oversight on a tugboat can lead to severe injuries, from broken bones to head traumas, affecting not just your health but your ability to work and enjoy life.

Having a skilled Houston maritime lawyer by your side is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity. We understand the complexities of tugboat accidents and the intricacies of maritime law. Our expertise lies in transforming your big problem into a compelling case for compensation, ensuring that you receive the support and recognition you deserve.

Crude Oil Tankers

Accidents on crude oil tankers are no small deal. They’re not just incidents; they’re potential environmental catastrophes. Be it a devastating spill, a raging fire, or a catastrophic collision — the repercussions can echo far beyond the immediate vicinity. The health and safety of the crew, the marine ecosystem, and even coastal communities can be at stake. At Johnson Garcia, we understand the gravity of these situations.

In the wake of a tanker accident, determining liability and navigating the ensuing legal battle can be as complex as the high seas. We delve deep into maritime and environmental regulations, meticulously examining the tanker’s compliance with safety standards and operational protocols. Our expertise extends to understanding the intricate mechanics of tanker operations and the nuances of environmental law.

The types of injuries in such accidents can be severe — from burns and smoke inhalation in a fire to traumatic injuries from explosions or collisions. The environmental impact can be equally devastating, with oil spills causing long-term damage to marine habitats and wildlife. In these scenarios, having a skilled maritime lawyer is more than just beneficial — it’s imperative to your recovery path forward.

Cargo Ships

Cargo ships, the silent workhorses of global trade, carry immense responsibility across the world’s oceans. Yet, when accidents occur on these vessels, the consequences can be far-reaching and severe. From hazardous material spills that endanger both crew and environment to crushing injuries caused by shifting cargo, the risks are as vast as the seas they traverse.

At Johnson Garcia, our approach to cargo ship accidents is thorough and multifaceted. We meticulously investigate the journey of the cargo, scrutinizing every detail, from loading procedures to the equipment used. Our team delves into the ship’s safety protocols, questioning whether proper measures were in place and followed. We understand that in the labyrinth of logistics and operations, details matter, and it’s often in these details that liability is found.

The types of injuries on cargo ships demand serious attention. Whether it’s a crew member suffering from toxic exposure due to a chemical spill or life-altering injuries from heavy machinery accidents, the physical and psychological toll can be immense. In such scenarios, the path to justice is not straightforward. Proving negligence requires an intricate understanding of maritime law and shipping operations.

Having a skilled maritime lawyer in cargo ship accidents is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity for those seeking rightful compensation and a return to normalcy. Our commitment is to ensure you don’t bear the burden of others’ oversights or failures, guiding you toward a resolution that acknowledges the gravity of your experience.

Ship Grounding

Ship grounding is more than a navigational error. When a ship runs aground, it’s not just the hull that gets hit — it’s everything — the cargo, the crew, and the environment. Our team at Johnson Garcia’s investigative process in ship grounding cases is exhaustive and precise.

We examine navigational charts to understand the path taken and scrutinize the crew’s decisions leading up to the incident. We assess whether operational negligence played a role. Our aim is to piece together the series of events that led to the grounding.

The consequences of ship grounding can be severe, ranging from substantial damage to the vessel and loss of valuable cargo to environmental disasters in cases of spills. The crew members involved may suffer not only physical injuries but also psychological trauma from such a high-stress event. Navigating the aftermath of a grounding incident requires a thorough understanding of maritime law and environmental regulations to establish liability. Our legal team’s mission is to find out why the ship hit the bottom and ensure that you don’t.

Crane Mishaps

Crane accidents in ports are a nightmare. When a crane fails, it’s rarely just about equipment — it’s about the people operating them and those around them. When a crane fails in a port or on a ship, the aftermath is not limited to the machinery itself. It extends to the individuals operating the crane, those working in its vicinity, and the entire operation of the port or vessel.

At Johnson Garcia, we check the crane’s maintenance history, operator training, and the safety measures in place. The injuries resulting from crane mishaps can be devastating, ranging from severe physical injuries to fatalities. The psychological impact on witnesses and colleagues can also be profound. Our team at Johnson Garcia understands that these accidents are deeply traumatic and life-altering events for all involved.

Our approach is thorough because we know it’s not just about what happened but why. We strive to hold responsible parties accountable, whether it’s a matter of faulty equipment, inadequate training, or a lapse in safety protocols. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal support that addresses both the immediate and long-term needs of our clients.

Accidents in the Shipyard

Shipyards, teeming with ceaseless activity, are hotbeds for potential accidents. The chaos of a shipyard accident, whether it’s a slip on a slick dock or a hazardous encounter with heavy machinery, can have serious consequences.

Our investigation aims to uncover the underlying causes, whether it’s inadequate safety measures, insufficient training, or negligence in maintaining equipment. These accidents often result in injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to severe, life-altering traumas.

At Johnson Garcia, we demonstrate how a single lapse in safety can create a cascade of harm. We stand with the workers, ensuring that their rights are upheld and that they receive the compensation and support necessary for recovery. Our goal is to transform these stories of accidents into narratives of justice and safety improvement.


Barge accidents present a significant risk of severe injuries, ranging from fractures and lacerations to more serious, life-altering conditions. These incidents often stem from equipment failures, human error, or challenging navigational situations. Victims face not only immediate physical harm but also long-term impacts on their ability to work and support themselves and their families.

Securing compensation in the wake of a barge accident involves navigating complex maritime laws and regulations. It requires a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident and an understanding of the intricate legal framework governing maritime activities.

At Johnson Garcia, we have a depth of experience in representing individuals affected by barge accidents. Our approach is to rigorously investigate each case, determine liability, and advocate tirelessly for our clients. We are committed to ensuring that those injured in barge accidents receive the full compensation they are entitled to, helping them to move forward from the incident.

Cargo Hauling

Cargo hauling on maritime vessels is fraught with risks that can lead to serious accidents. These incidents often involve heavy loads and complex machinery, where a single misstep or equipment failure can result in severe injuries. Workers may suffer from crushing injuries, falls, or exposure to hazardous materials, each with potentially long-lasting effects on their health and livelihood.

Successfully claiming compensation in cargo hauling accidents requires an in-depth understanding of maritime operations and safety regulations. It’s a process that entails detailed investigation into safety protocols, equipment maintenance, and crew training.

At Johnson Garcia, we bring expertise in maritime law to rigorously advocate for those injured in cargo hauling accidents. We focus on uncovering the facts, determining liability, and ensuring our clients receive the compensation they need for recovery and rehabilitation.

How Can the Houston-Based Maritime Accident Lawyers at Johnson Garcia Help?

In navigating the complexities of maritime accidents, including those covered by the Jones Act, experience matters. With over 35 years of relentless advocacy, Johnson Garcia stands ready to fight for your rights.

If you’ve been affected by a maritime accident, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us at 832-844-6700 for your free consultation. We’re here to champion your cause and secure the justice you rightfully deserve.

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