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Personal Injury Lawyer Brazoria County — Accident Lawyer

Brazoria County, Texas, was the first capital of the Republic of Texas and is still known today as “Where Texas Began.” Part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, Brazoria County is a coastal area with strong economic, cultural, agricultural sector growth.

It is perhaps not surprising that any such vibrant area, with a population of over 372,000, sees its fair share of serious accidents and injuries. If you are a resident or a visitor of Brazoria County and have been injured, you may be able to seek compensation under Texas law. To find out more and to determine whether you may have a claim, contact Johnson Garcia for a free consultation.

What Counts as a Personal Injury?

Any injury can cause pain, suffering, and personal loss, but in civil law claims, personal injury lawsuits arise from injuries that have been caused by someone’s recklessness, negligence, or willful action. If someone’s action or inaction has led to injuries that have caused losses, such as medical bills, property damage, or other losses, you may have a claim. At Johnson Garcia, we handle many types of personal injury claims most often faced by residents of Brazoria County, including:

  • Commercial Truck Accidents. Our team helps individuals who have been injured in collisions with big rigs, delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles.
  • Car and Motorcycle Accidents. Whether you’re a rider or a motorist, we’re there for you when you are in a traffic accident. Unlike your insurance company, we put your best interests first and seek to get the highest compensation possible for your injuries.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents. Our attorneys work to uncover evidence of inebriated driving, allowing us to go after the reckless drivers who have caused collisions on our streets.
  • Construction Accidents. Over 10 percent of the working population of Brazoria County works in the construction industry, a sector with many hazards. If you are injured on a worksite, contact the team at Johnson Garcia to find out whether you have a claim.  
  • Drilling Rig Accidents. Oil rig explosions, falls, and other incidents lead to devastating injuries. The team at Johnson Garcia can consult with you about your potential case if you have been injured while working on a rig.  
  • Maritime and Off-Shore Injuries. If you have been injured on a boat or ship, different rules will apply to your lawsuit. The attorneys at Johnson Garcia are familiar with the regulations affecting off-shore claims and we have handled many such cases, recovering compensation for our clients.
  • Jones Act Injuries. If you have been injured while working as a seaman, the Jones Act allows you to sue your employer, but you may want to work with the experienced Jones Act attorneys at Johnson Garcia to protect your right to sue.
  • Workplace Accidents. Every workplace, from a library to a factory, has hazards that can lead to devastating injuries for employees. If you’re injured on the job, contact Johnson Garcia to explore any legal options you may have.
  • Wrongful Death. When someone is injured through the negligent actions of a person or company, the surviving family may have a claim and may be able to seek compensation for past medical bills, loss of income, funeral expenses, and more. The team at Johnson Garcia is there for you with compassion and care if a loved one is fatally injured by someone’s actions.
  • Amputation. Losing a limb or part of a limb can affect your future employment, your ability to pursue hobbies, and even your sense of self. Johnson Garcia has recovered compensation for individuals who have experienced this life-changing injury.

If you are not sure whether you have a personal injury lawsuit after an injury, a good option is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Brazoria County has experienced attorneys, like the team at Johnson Garcia, who can help. Johnson Garcia even offers a free consultation, so you can find out whether you may have a claim without needing to pay anything upfront.

How Can Having an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Help Following an Injury?

Whether you have been injured in Angleton, Pearland, Lake Jackson, Alvin, or any community in Brazoria County, you will want to consider whether you have a claim against potentially liable parties. The reality is that the costs and the pain of a serious injury can change your life for years, and if the injury was through no fault of your own you don’t want to absorb the cost yourself.

For example, if you have suffered an amputation while working at one of Brazoria County’s rice-producing agricultural facilities, you may need to take months off work, pay for rehabilitation, and pay for surgery and medical costs. For the rest of your life, you may need follow-up care, replacement prosthetics, and even pain management. If your injuries were caused by a defective piece of farm machinery, however, you may have a claim against the machinery manufacturer and may be able to pursue compensation so you don’t pay for all your losses out of pocket.

An attorney who represents you can pursue fair compensation for you, help you review any settlement or insurance offers, evaluate the value of your claim, and take care of the details as you focus on healing. This can be invaluable, since your life may be significantly changed after a serious injury, and having an attorney take care of the legal side may help you. Having a lawyer pursue compensation may also help you secure the financial resources you need to rebuild your life.

How Do You Find the Right Accident Lawyer in Brazoria County for Your Case?

Every personal injury case and plaintiff is different, so what you are seeking will depend on your situation, though a key priority will be getting the compensation you need. The right personal injury lawyer in Brazoria County is one that has:

    • Experience. Look for attorneys who have experience in cases similar to yours. For example, Brazoria County is on the Gulf of Mexico, so if your injury occurred on a ship, you will need an attorney familiar with the Jones Act. Johnson Garcia has over thirty years of experience with these and other personal injury cases.
    • Results. Seek out attorneys who have been successful in securing both settlements and trial wins. This shows you an attorney is willing to take a claim to trial, if needed, to get fair compensation. A long track record of results is not just impressive — it may also show the attorneys for the other party that they need to consider offering fair compensation because lowball offers may not work.
    • Focus. Some attorneys represent everyone, while others focus largely on helping those who have been injured. Johnson Garcia, for example, was founded by attorneys who left successful firms representing larger corporations to focus on helping those in need. They do not represent insurance companies, so there is no conflict of interest.
    • Communication Skills. Even if your attorney is handling the details of your claim, a lawsuit can still be stressful. You may wonder about the status of your case, and you may have questions about insurance and settlement offers. A good attorney is available to address your concerns and to meet with you. Johnson Garcia, for example, offers 24/7 support and evening and Saturday meeting times because we understand sometimes a case cannot wait.
  • Familiarity. At Johnson Garcia Law, you will get attorneys who are extremely familiar with the Courts and juries of Brazoria County. The basis for this familiarity is that both Daniel Johnson and Juan Garcia grew up in Brazoria County and both lawyers still have close friends and family who live in Brazoria County. 

If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney, look for attorneys who have already gotten results and who care about the outcome of your case. Contact Johnson Garcia and we’d be happy to provide more details about how we may be able to help. Our bilingual English/Spanish-speaking administrative assistants and fast response times are designed to support you after a difficult injury.

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Maximize Your Chances of Success?

Even if your injuries were caused by someone else in Brazoria County, you will not get the compensation you need automatically. In fact, most liable parties and insurance companies take steps to limit liability or to pay less than they need to so they can save money. You may need to negotiate or even pursue a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

While you can file your own civil lawsuit, your chances of success may be much better with an attorney. An experienced attorney understands how much injuries may be worth and what settlements may be possible in different circumstances. A lawyer will have access to accident investigators, expert witnesses, and other professionals who can help build a strong case and a lawyer also has experience negotiating and going to trial. All of this becomes invaluable when it is time to fight for fair compensation for you.

Why Choose Johnson Garcia?

If you have suffered an injury, don’t wait. Contact Johnson Garcia right away so we can start taking action to secure your right to pursue compensation. When you work with us, you are represented by experienced and committed attorneys who are dedicated to your best interests. Our goal is to bring a high standard of excellence to every interaction you have with us.  

Our team also understands personal injury cases in the area. One of our founding partners is a seventh-generation Texan who grew up in Brazoria County and understands the community. Our attorneys have successfully represented cases before the United States District Court and before state and federal courts across Texas. They have also been recognized by Chambers USA, as Texas Super Lawyer® Rising Stars, by Law360, and by the Houston Business Journal for their experience and dedication.

Johnson Garcia is also a law firm where the best interests of our clients are at the forefront. We understand many injured people in Brazoria County hesitate in seeking the legal representation they deserve because they worry about legal costs. We have made it easier for everyone to pursue legitimate claims because we may work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no fee to pay unless we recover money for you. We also offer a free initial consultation so there is nothing to pay upfront before you even decide whether to pursue a lawsuit.

Work with Johnson Garcia, a law firm that brings over 30 years of combined experience to the table and has already recovered over $100 million for injured Texas and Brazoria County residents just like you. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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