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Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyers

Oil RIG ACCIDENT Attorneys

The oil and gas industry is one of the pillars of our economy, here in Texas and in the United States. From offshore in the Gulf of Mexico to onshore shale formations across West Texas, South Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and elsewhere, oil rigs and the hard-working people making up the crews are on the front lines of the energy industry. Unfortunately, many times oil rigs can represent a dangerous work environment, and injuries can result.
Houston oil rig accident attorneys can help with injuries from drilling rig accidents

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Oil Rig Accident Law Firm

Because oil rig workers are surrounded by heavy equipment and flammable often-volatile substances all day long, any accident could be fatal or leave someone in serious condition. If you are injured in a oil rig accident, you may find yourself dealing with extensive medical bills and a loss of income while you recover, not to mention the physical and mental pain and anguish. In cases where a worker is killed as a result of a rig accident, his or her family may find themselves struggling to settle their loved one’s estate and cover their own expenses in the midst of grief.

Have You Been a Victim in an Accident Related to an Oil Rig?

Types Oil Rig Accidents

The following are just a few of the possible accidents that can occur while working on a oil rig:

How To Prevent Oil Rig Accidents and Keep Yourself Safe

While not all oil rig accidents can be anticipated or avoided, there are a number of ways rig workers can protect themselves on the job:

Seek the Help of a Houston Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved have been injured while working on a oil rig, call the experienced Houston oil rig accident lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP for help. We have more than two decades of combined experience handling lawsuits arising from oil rig accidents, both onshore and offshore. When time matters and getting your damages quickly is the most important priority, you don’t want to hire lawyers who you need to teach about your workplace. Instead, you want someone in your corner who understands what you went through and the work environment you lived in.
The Houston oil rig accident lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP have appeared on national television (C-SPAN) representing clients in connection with oil rig accidents. We have been on oil rigs. We know the equipment, the terminology, the drilling process, the maintenance obligations, the regulations, the business dynamics, and much more. We have unmatched expertise in this area and know the legal challenges that you will face. Let our knowledge and experience be your advantage as you recover from your injuries.

The Jones Act

If you have been injured offshore, learn about Jones Act claims and offshore litigation. If your injury occurred onshore, it is important to understand your rights against your employer and other parties. There are times in Texas, for example, when recovery against an employer may be limited if the employer maintains worker’s compensation insurance. That may not, however, bar claims against other parties that may have contributed to or caused your injury. Contact Johnson Garcia LLP now to get a free case evaluation: 832-400-6130.

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