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Fighting Hard to Recover Your Damages as Quickly as Possible

Johnson and Garcia have recovered well over $100,000,000.00 for their clients in cases pending in the state and federal courts across Texas. Our experience is unmatched in personal injury matters, insurance disputes, and commercial litigation.  Below is a list of some of our cases and results.

Johnson Garcia LLP helps client recover full policy limits following car accident
  • Juan Garcia was retained by a client in early January 2017 after a serious car accident.
  • Following recovery by the client, Garcia negotiated payment of full policy limits from the other driver to resolve the claim.
  • The case was resolved within only a few months following the accident.

Daniel Johnson and Juan Garcia assist major drilling contractor to recover substantial damages after filing a federal lawsuit seeking more than $20 million
  • Rowan Companies, Inc. et al vs. M/V FR8 Pride et al; Civil Action No. 2:12-cv-00163; In the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division.
  • In re the Complaint and Petition of FR8 Pride Shipping Corp. et al; Civil Action No. 2:12-cv-00185; In the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division.
  • Johnson and Garcia were called immediately after an offshore collision between a drilling rig and a crude oil tanker. They immediately traveled to Corpus Christi to interview witnesses and began an investigation.  Within days, they prepared and filed a lawsuit on behalf of the drilling rig owner seeking to recover damages of more than $20 million.  In order to maximize leverage over the owner of the crude oil tanker, Johnson filed a motion asking the federal court to seize the tanker with U.S. Marshalls until the owners of the tanker posted a bond sufficient to cover the client’s potential $20 million+ in damages.
  • In the days following the incident, Johnson took the depositions of all pertinent crew members of the crude oil tanker and uncovered clear evidence of negligence to strengthen the client’s case.
  • Johnson traveled to Singapore to depose the Executives of the ship management company and vessel owner.
  • Ultimately, the case resolved prior to trial for a confidential amount following a lengthy mediation.
  • More information about this incident may be found at the following:

Daniel Johnson and Juan Garcia represent multiple-facility nursing home company in $15+ million insurance coverage dispute arising after hurricane damage
  • SavaSeniorCare, LLC; et al. vs. RSUI Indemnity Co.; Cause No. 57644; In the 412th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas.
  • At their previous law firm, Johnson and Garcia were retained to take over a case from a large law firm that had not yet achieved the desired results. They immediately took control of working with the experts and retained additional experts to bolster the client’s bad faith claim.
  • Johnson presented the client’s position during mediation after which the matter resolved for a confidential amount.

Daniel Johnson assisted client in recovery of more than $6 million in Texas state court lawsuit arising from stock purchase agreement valuation and breach of fiduciary duty dispute
  • The client was a widow whose deceased husband owned a large percentage of a maritime-industry service company.
  • Following the tragic passing of the client’s husband, the remaining owners of the company attempt to avoid fully satisfying their contractual obligation to re-purchase his interest in the company’s stock at a fair price. Johnson helped file a lawsuit to gain access to the company’s books and records to demonstrate that the client was being treated unfairly.
  • Johnson prepared virtually all of the legal briefing presented to the Court where the Court ultimately ruled in favor of the client leading to resolution of the case prior to trial.

Daniel Johnson assists client in pursuit of more than $5 million following collision between two offshore drilling rigs
  • Rowan Companies, Inc. and RDC Drilling International, Inc. vs. Blake Offshore, LLC, Spartan Offshore Drilling, LLC, Michael Blake, Loadmaster Derrick & Equipment, Inc., and Beacon Maritime, Inc.; Cause No. 2009-42171; In the 133rd Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.
  • Johnson filed a lawsuit on behalf on his client and commenced discovery to demonstrate that the owner of a jack-up rig ignored industry standard and reasonable expectations in preparing its rig to remain on station during the passage of Hurricane Ike. During the storm, the rig broke free and resulted in millions of property damage to another drilling rig as well as significant lost profits to the owner.
  • Johnson aggressively pursued the claims and the other side called to resolve the case just days before the parties picked a jury. The case settled very successfully for a confidential amount.

Johnson Garcia LLP assists client in the recovery of $175,000.00 for trade secret theft
  • Daniel Johnson took over a case pending in Dallas County District Court wherein the client had actually been sued first. Turning the tables on the opposition, Johnson pursued a counterclaim against the other side claiming instead that they had been involved in stealing the customer lists of Johnson’s client.
  • After the target Defendant threatened bankruptcy in the Dallas case, Johnson pursued claims in Harris County District Court against the former President/CEO of the other party in his personal capacity and the claims ultimately resolved.

Johnson assists client in recovery of over $5 million following onshore gas well blow out
  • Johnson was contacted to pursue damages after a severe well control incident damaged a natural gas well and related equipment. After investigation, a defective product was discovered to be major contributing factor in the incident.  Following a demand and limited negotiation, Johnson was forced to file a lawsuit to ensure his client’s rights were protected.
  • This case resolved on amicable terms immediately after litigation being filed.

Daniel Johnson assists various clients in recovery of more than $20 million in connection with damages resulting from underwater pipeline incident
  • In the Matter of the Complaint of Pride Offshore, Inc., as Owner of the J/U Pride Wyoming, for Exoneration from, or Alternatively, Limitation of Liability vs. The Williams Companies, Inc., Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC, f/k/a Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation; Civil Action No. 4:08-cv-03109; In the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.
  • A jack-up drilling rig was blown off location during Hurricane Ike. Johnson’s clients were damaged when huge remnants of the rig struck and were drug across pipelines laying on the seabed floor.  Johnson prepared claims and filed on behalf of his clients seeking to recover damages related to the pipeline damage and associated lost profits.

Juan Garcia and Daniel Johnson recovered $2.5 million for client in state court lawsuit arising from incident in gas processing plant
  • Garcia led a team pursuing lost profit damages following negligent conduct in connection with an automated shutdown process. As a result of the wrongful conduct of the defending party, Garcia’s clients faced significant damages that could have been avoided had the at-fault party followed its own guidelines.
  • Garcia’s team conducted a site inspection, retained pertinent subject matter experts, deposed relevant witnesses, and presented the client’s case during mediation.
  • Ultimately, Garcia’s aggressive approach led to a successful pre-trial settlement.

Juan Garcia successfully prevails for client in bench trial in Harris County State Court
  • Garcia was retained to assist a client following threats and harassment by a former employee.
  • Garcia obtained immediate injunctive relief during evidentiary hearings to restrain the conduct of the opposing party. The case ultimately was tried in a Bench Trial where Garcia obtained a $54,000.00 verdict and permanent injunction against the other side.

Daniel Johnson assists client in recovery of over $3 million for client in state court lawsuit arising out of onshore drilling rig dispute
  • Johnson’s client reached out to engage him after its customer refused to pay over $3 million in past due invoices. Johnson immediately filed a lawsuit for breach of contract.  He obtained favorable deposition testimony from key witnesses and filed a summary judgment motion on the dispute contract claims.  The Court ruled in favor of Johnson’s client and the case ultimately resolved during mediation prior to trial.

Johnson helps client recover $1 million in state court lawsuit arising from railcar spill of hazardous material.
  • This matter arose from a release of hydrofluoric acid from a railcar in California. Johnson’s client was transporting the acid via rail and had engaged a rubber lining company to safely prepared the railcar for holding and transporting the product.
  • After the acid release, Johnson mobilized a team of experts to immediately travel to California to preserve all evidence and document the cause of the incident. Because the cause indicated that the installation of the rubber lining was faulty, Johnson commence litigation on behalf of his client to recover all of the damages cause by the acid spill.
  • Johnson worked with the experts and took depositions of fact witnesses to establish the wrongdoing of the other party. The case successfully resolved prior to picking a jury.

Johnson assisted in the recovery of over $900,000.00 as a result of failed hydraulic valve used to raise and lower the mast on an onshore drilling rig
  • Following the collapse of an onshore drilling rig mast, Johnson was contacted to protect his client and immediately mobilized to inspect the incident location and assist in preserving evidence. When the investigation revealed that the incident was caused by faulty design and/or engineering, Johnson filed a lawsuit to recover his client’s damages.  Johnson obtained favorable deposition testimony from numerous witnesses and ultimately obtained a favorable settlement for his client prior to trial.

Daniel Johnson plays major role in Deepwater Horizon Litigation
  • In re: Oil Spill by the Oil Rig “Deepwater Horizon” in the Gulf of Mexico, on April 20, 2010; Civil Action No. 2:10-md-02179-CJB-SS; In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Within days of the tragic Deepwater Horizon incident on BP’s Macondo well, Johnson was retained as part of the team acting as Lead Counsel for Transocean in the BP Oil Spill Litigation.
  • Johnson’s role was very significant and included the following:
    • Initial crisis management and immediate aftermath investigation and fact witness interviews;
    • Preparation and filing of Limitation of Liability for Transocean Deepwater Horizon;
    • Retention of various expert witnesses across multiple disciplines;
    • Preparation and assistance in development of strategy of various legal briefs and motions relating to indemnity and insurance related issues;
    • Representation of Transocean and various employees during nationally-televised (C-SPAN) administrative proceeding conducted by Joint Investigation Team comprised of Coast Guard and then-Mineral Management Service (MMS) (now referred to as BSEE);
    • Presentation of key Transocean fact witness and management team member for deposition for MDL proceedings;
    • Took key facts witness and BP executive management depositions for MDL proceedings; and
    • Lead development of all marine/admiralty aspects of litigation.
  • Ultimately, Transocean’s successful indemnity motion resulted in the shifting of billions of dollars in compensatory damages to BP as the responsible party under the drilling contract.
  • Some Daniel’s work on the case can be seen here:

Johnson assists client in recovery of $85,000 in post-Hurricane insurance dispute
  • Johnson was retained by a client to assist after her store was damaged during Hurricane Ike. The landlord was required by contract to provide insurance to protect the client in the event of a hurricane but did not do so.  Johnson forced the opposing party to live up to the contract and pay for the majority of the damages.  This matter resolved prior to the commencement of litigation.

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