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Houston Propane Explosion Lawyers

Propane tank explosion accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, death. Propane explosion accident cases are complex, and having a knowledgeable attorney to offer you legal guidance from the start can make a huge difference in your case.

At Johnson Garcia, our legal team has over 35 years of experience handling injury cases and recovering the best possible compensation for our clients. We are ready to represent you if you need a propane explosion accident attorney. Our lawyers have the resources to investigate your case and recover the monetary compensation you deserve.

Propane Gas Regulations and Safety Measures

In its liquefied state, propane gas is stored under pressure, meaning a slight leak can result in a catastrophic explosion. There are safety rules that govern the design, location, equipment, appliances, and operation of liquefied propane gas systems. The Alternative Fuels Safety (AFS) department of the Railroad Commission of Texas adopts and enforces the regulations for transportation, safe storage, and use of liquefied propane gas.

These safety rules are established to prevent accidents, so failing to conduct pressure and leak tests properly and, when needed, may result in risking undetected system failures and leaks, which may lead to catastrophic events. Experienced Houston propane explosion lawyers can represent you in your case and ensure you get justice for your severe injuries.

Common Propane Accidents

Most individuals and businesses use propane gas daily, and no injuries occur when they use it appropriately. When used inappropriately or when safety measures are not adhered to, propane can cause explosions, often leading to serious injuries.

Propane Explosion Facts and Statistics

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are over 60 million propane-fueled devices in America, ranging from propane-fueled grills to heating systems. Most propane accidents result in an explosion of fire, like the propane tank explosion in Fort Worth, Texas, during a Texas Motor Speedway event, which caused heavy flames.

Propane explosions typically result in serious injuries. The ones that result in fatalities are often the result of severe burns from the fire. While some propane accident explosions are uncontrollable, most of these accidents can be avoided by adhering to safety measures and standards.

Why Do Propane Explosions Occur?

Propane is extremely combustible. It is due to this combustibility that it can be used for a range of domestic and commercial functions, including:

  • Torches
  • Grilling
  • Central heating
  • Engine fuel

The combustibility that makes propane useful for these functions also makes it dangerous when equipment malfunctions occur or when proper safety precautions are not followed. The following are some common causes of propane explosions:

Open Bleeder Valve

Propane tanks have open bleeder valves designed to allow the propane to escape from the tank when there is excess internal pressure, preventing the tank from exploding. When the bleeder valve is left open, flames in the tank’s surrounding area can cause a fire. If a fire starts because of an open bleeder valve and other propane tanks are stored nearby, the heat can cause the valves on the other tanks to open, spreading the fire and causing a chain reaction accident.

Odor Fade

Because propane is an odorless gas, safety regulations and best practices demand that a chemical — ethyl mercaptan — be added to make it produce a warning odor when there’s a leak. When this chemical is not added appropriately the odor is undetectable. This means if the propane leaks it likely will go unnoticed.

Careless Behavior

Improper use or careless behavior around propane tanks is among the most common but preventable causes of propane tank explosions. Careless behavior involves many things, including using it as target practice for guns or leaving a tank near a fire or heat source.


Propane tank explosions typically have nothing to do with the tanks. A fire starting anywhere near a propane tank can lead to a catastrophic event when it gets to the tank. Fires can lead to deadly explosions, especially in industrial settings.

Who Is Liable For Propane Explosion Injuries?

To recover compensation for your injuries, you must prove that another party is to blame for causing your accident. The following are some parties who may be held liable for your propane explosion injuries:

Propane Tank Manufacturer

Given the volatile nature of propane, propane tank manufacturers must follow stringent specifications in the design and manufacturing processes. If they neglect to do this for the entire process and their negligence results in an injury, they may be held responsible and may have to compensate the injured victim.

Manufacturer of Propane Tank Parts

Propane tank parts may consist of various components made by different manufacturers. As a result, the different components could fail, resulting in an explosion accident. While all the different parts may have been assembled by one propane tank manufacturer, an individual part manufacturer can be held responsible if theirs was the component that failed.

Propane Tank Owner

The owner of a propane tank fueled appliance or a propane tank can be held responsible for your injuries if their careless use or storage of the tank resulted in your injuries.

Hire the Right Attorneys for Your Houston Propane Accident Case

Finding the right law firm to represent you after your propane accident case may be difficult. Only some law firms have the necessary experience and are equipped with the proper resources to handle complex cases. Before hiring an attorney for your Houston propane explosion accident, you should consider the following:

  • Are they experienced with propane explosion cases? If the attorney has no experience handling propane explosion cases, they may not be the best choice for your case.
  • Do they have the financial resources to help you? Propane explosion accident cases can be complex, making the process expensive. Ensure your lawyer has the financial resources to take your case to trial if necessary.
  • Will they be personally handling your case? It would be best to deal directly with your lawyer, not their staff or assistants. Your propane explosion accident case is very important to you. It should also be equally important to the lawyer representing you, meaning they should give your case the attention and dedication it deserves.

Our Houston propane accident lawyers give our clients’ cases personal attention. When you email, we respond, and when you call, our lawyers pick up. Your case is not just another file; it is personal to us.

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If the liable party is unwilling to pay you damages or is making a lowball offer, the personal injury legal team at Johnson Garcia will file a lawsuit on your behalf and meticulously prepare to represent you in court if needed. Our firm has a strong and successful track record of getting our clients the best possible case results.

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