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Houston Construction Accident Injury Lawyers

Each day there are thousands of hard-working people who spend hours building our society at construction sites throughout Texas. While construction industry jobs are known for paying top dollar, the industry is also quite dangerous. Construction accidents happen all too often. At times, dangerous circumstances are caused by employers or third parties.
If a loved one or you have been injured in a construction accident, you need a Houston construction accident attorney who can fight for justice. At Johnson Garcia LLP, we know the
houston construction accident lawyers can help with injuries in the construction site

Call us today at 832-844-6700 for a free case evaluation with an experienced Houston work injury lawyer.

challenges that you’ll face during a personal injury lawsuit, but our team of experienced Houston construction accident lawyers is here to help you recover as much as possible, as soon as possible!


The construction industry is broad and multi-faceted. The industry includes commercial work, energy work, and even marine jobs that have workers building on rigs miles away from land. At Johnson Garcia LLP, our team of Houston construction accident attorneys is experienced in handling a variety of construction cases. We’ve fought claims that involve:
So, no matter how or where you’ve been injured, you can count on our team to push for the justice and compensation that you deserve.

What If I’ve Been Injured In A Construction Accident In Houston?

To protect yourself and to strengthen your case, there are many things you’ll want to do if you’ve been involved in a construction accident in Houston. One of the first things to do is to document the evidence. Write down what happened or take photographs of the scene. The more evidence that can be presented to prove liability, fault, or negligence, the stronger your case will be.


The next step is to notify your employer. You must tell your employer about the kind of injury you’ve experienced, along with what happened. Not telling your employer could impact your ability to file a workers’ compensation claim.


Once you’ve documented evidence and notified your employer, you’ll want to contact an experienced Houston construction accident lawyer to start building your case.

Should I Contact A Houston Construction Accident Attorney?

Winning a personal injury, product liability, or workers’ compensation case on your own can be difficult. There are a lot of nuances and legal details that go into building a strong case that will enable you to get the compensation you deserve. Our team of skilled Houston construction accident lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP is on your side to get you justice. A strong and experienced Houston construction accident attorney is able to even the odds so that you have a fighting chance to win your case.

Types Of Claims & Lawsuits

After being the victim of a construction site accident, there are various claims and lawsuits that you can file in order to receive compensation. By working with a team of seasoned Houston construction site accident lawyers, you’ll have access to the legal expertise you need to determine which claims and lawsuits are ideal for your situation.
Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation allows an injured worker to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages. With a workers’ compensation claim, employer negligence doesn’t have to be proven. It’s worth noting that workers’ compensation can be limited, as the insurance company could deny your claim or your employer slow the compensation process.

Personal Injury

Whether or not you can file a personal injury lawsuit depends on who is responsible for the construction accident. In order for a personal injury lawsuit to be valid, there must be evidence that the accident occurred at the fault of someone else. There must also be proof that the accident could have been prevented if proper precautions were taken.
A personal injury lawsuit can be filed against a third party if you were working as an independent contractor on the construction site.

Product Liability

If your injury is a result of working with a tool, using building materials, or operating a piece of machinery, you may be able to file a product liability claim. With this type of claim, there must be proof that the product being used was defective.
With a product liability claim, anyone involved in the distribution chain of the product can be held liable. This includes anyone from the product designer to the manufacturer who sold the product.

Wrongful Death

If a worker is killed as a result of a construction accident, their family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the family of the deceased construction worker believes that their loved one died as a result of negligence. As a result, the family can file for compensation to cover various expenses and losses, including:

To help build and win a wrongful death case, it’s important to contact a Houston construction injury attorney. You need an experienced team of Houston construction accident lawyers who can get your family the compensation they deserve after losing a family member due to negligence on the job site.

Who Is Responsible?

When a worker is injured in a construction accident, a personal injury lawsuit can be brought against the responsible party. Whoever is found liable may be required to pay for any medical cost, lost wages, and other damages.

Who is found to be responsible for a construction accident greatly depends on the kind of accident and who was involved. In the construction industry, liability and fault can be placed on many different parties including:
Determining who is at fault and whether negligence was involved in a construction accident is what our team is here for. An experienced team of Houston construction site accident lawyers will fight to ensure that the liable party (or parties) is held accountable so that you can receive compensation.

Johnson Garcia LLP Houston Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help!

We thank our construction workers for the tough jobs they do day in and day out, and we want them to know that we’re here to support them legally. If you’ve been injured on the job or have lost a loved one due to workplace negligence, our team is here to fight for you. The Houston construction accident lawyers of Johnson Garcia LLP have spent decades fighting for everyday workers.
Look no further than our firm for an experienced and dedicated Houston construction injury lawyer. Contact us today at 832-400-6057 for a free case consultation. Let’s work together to get the compensation you deserve!

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