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Have You Lost a Loved One?

When the unthinkable occurs to a loved one or family member, the impact can be devastating. The thought of hiring a lawyer to investigate legal claims surrounding the untimely death of a family member will never be your first priority. Your grieving and the emotional recovery by you and your family members must come first. The emotional toll resulting from a tragic death may seem too much to overcome at first, but it is important for your own life (and often, for the lives of surviving children) to begin the healing process and plan for life moving ahead. When that time comes and if you feel a third party may be responsible for the death of your loved one, call the lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP to help understand your rights.

At Johnson Garcia LLP, we’ve unfortunately been involved in many tragic cases where lives have been lost due to catastrophic workplace accidents, automobile accidents, construction site collapses, explosions, burns, fires, or other events. Handling these type of cases is often difficult because there is no amount of money that can replace a life. That is why hiring the right lawyer is so important. When you hire Johnson Garcia LLP, you’re getting a trusted, experienced guide through the legal process in your most challenging time. You are getting lawyers who understand the compassion needed for you and, equally important, the toughness needed for the parties responsible for the death of your loved one.

Have You Lost a Loved One Due to Someone Else’s Negligence?

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Choose an Experienced Legal Council

The path to recovery of appropriate damages after the wrongful death of a loved one can take many different routes depending on the type of case and the underlying facts. Some cases may involve an early settlement that is in the best interest of our clients. Other cases, however, require a longer fight to hold the responsible party or parties accountable. You need legal counsel who can recognize the difference.

At Johnson Garcia LLP, we have represented those companies and insurers faced with wrongful death claims so we know the strategies and the most effective way to resolve these cases on the best terms – even if that means telling your story to a jury and asking them to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Keep More of Your Damages

The recovery of damages following a wrongful death can be critical to your future. When a loved one or spouse has been unexpectedly taken from your life, your household often faces an uncertain economic future because you’ve lost someone you depend on forever. At Johnson Garcia LLP, we understand the economic challenges that you may face moving forward. That’s why we offer a flexible fee arrangement for the most serious claims. Under our “no recovery, no pay” promise our clients don’t pay anything toward their cases unless we recover money damages on their behalf! Instead, we are compensated only by taking a percentage of the damages recovered from the responsible party. Johnson Garcia LLP evaluates each case independently and, for those most serious cases, we offer flexible fee arrangements to ensure you recover the most! Contact the lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP to make sure you can keep the greatest amount of your damages at 832-844-6700.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Our FAQs are intended solely for informational purposes and should not be relied or construed upon as legal advice. Each case presents different facts that must be evaluated independently under law.

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