Thousands of families know the bitter reality of a car accident fatality. Lives are lost and dreams are shattered because of bad decisions made by another driver. The two top causes are responsible for over 50 percent of these deaths. That’s where traffic accident attorneys in Houston can help.

This infographic from Johnson Garcia LLP provides the sobering statistics about the causes of car accidents. The numbers may surprise you. Every day, the cost of negligent driving takes its toll. The lives of families are changed forever by drivers failing to take the responsibility of operating a vehicle safely. It’s the innocent who suffer when someone doesn’t respect the road or the law.

There are far-reaching costs for that poor choice or moment of distraction. They can have effects that last a lifetime. Many needn’t have happened at all. Too many times, carelessness carries a high price.

Car accidents bring a lot of misery and financial consequences for loved ones, but you shouldn’t have to carry that burden alone. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s mistakes. Here at Johnson Garcia LLP, we believe in justice.

We understand the costs that go well beyond the medical expenses and car repair. We will stand up and fight for you with our years of experience to back up your claim. Contact us today at (832) 844-6700 to get the peace of mind you need.

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