Since the inception of Uber in 2009, this ridesharing company has grown to become a household name that completes 1.44 billion trips per quarter with an active customer base of over 93 million users.

Unfortunately, not all of these users arrive at their destinations safely. Ubers in Houston are involved in severe collisions that often leave victims injured or even dead. When you find yourself in this situation, knowing what to do after an Uber accident is imperative.

If you were involved in a wreck involving an Uber, don’t hesitate to hire a personal injury lawyer. At Johnson Garcia, our legal help can ensure you are best placed to receive the maximum possible compensation for damages.

What To Do After a Houston Uber Accident

Uber recommends its drivers ensure all parties are okay if they are involved in car crashes. The ridesharing platform advises its drivers to contact the police and paramedics if necessary.

Here are some tips our Uber car accident lawyers recommend to strengthen your injury claim or lawsuit if you are injured in a Houston Uber accident.

1. Call 911

It’s important for you to call the police while at the scene of the accident so that they can produce a written report of the Uber accident. Make sure you remain at the scene while the driver records their statement with the police. It may be tempting to order another ride and leave the scene — don’t! The police may want to question everyone involved in the accident, including eyewitnesses.

2. Get Everyone’s Contact Information

Ensure you get the information of every party involved in the crash, including your driver, other third-party drivers, and passengers. If any bystanders saw what happened, ask them for their names and contact information. Your lawyer can use their detailed accounts of what happened to prove fault and help you recover damages.

3. Gather Evidence

Before leaving the scene of the crash, use your camera or phone to take as many pictures and videos of the site as possible. You may take pictures of any vehicle damage, a recording of what transpired, and any visible injuries you may have sustained.

4. Seek Medical Attention

If you are severely hurt, you should receive medical attention at the accident scene or in an ambulance as EMTs rush you to the ER. Still, don’t ignore visiting a doctor even though you feel okay. Your adrenaline may mask severe, catastrophic injuries that may require immediate attention.

Getting an official medical report soon after your accident may strengthen your claim. Otherwise, Uber and insurance companies may argue that your injuries occurred after the accident or that you have a preexisting condition.

Make sure you keep track of all your medical expenses. Your personal injury lawyer will use this data to calculate your medical bills, working to recover every dime you spent on medical treatment.

5. Report the Incident

If you have been involved in an accident, notify your insurance company immediately. Don’t get into details about the accident or admit fault since this may hurt your claim. Ensure you also notify Uber online or through the app’s Help section — so they can notify their insurance company.

It’s crucial to make these reports as soon as possible. Many insurance companies have time frames within which you must submit your claim. If you delay, you may lose your ability to recover compensation for damages.

6. Hire an Uber Accident Lawyer Near Houston

Uber accidents in Houston and all over Texas can be very complex from a legal perspective. An experienced lawyer can help you negotiate a generous settlement covering your past and projected future damages. Your lawyer should guide you on what to do after an Uber accident. If necessary, they should file a car accident lawsuit to protect your rights and interests in court.

Tips for Handling an Uber Accident

If you were involved in an Uber accident, here are some tips you should observe:

  • Don’t post about the accident on social media
  • Get a copy of the police report for the accident
  • Decline any premature settlement offers from insurance companies
  • File your claim with the appropriate insurance carrier
  • Retain a lawyer if you are unsure about what to do after an Uber accident

Remember, personal injury claims don’t enforce themselves. You must fight for your rights; Johnson Garcia is here to do just that for you.

Uber Accidents in Houston: Contact an Attorney Today

Don’t rush to leave the scene if you were injured in an Uber accident. Instead, follow the above steps to strengthen your injury case as you gather all the necessary information. Then seek legal help by calling ​​832-844-6700 to speak to our Uber accident lawyers with over 35 years of experience. Our legal team will look into the facts of your case and help you prove that someone else’s negligence led to your Uber accident.

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