Kroger is a publicly-traded company that operates 1,617 department stores and supermarkets in the United States. Kroger also owns 2,253 pharmacies, 44 distribution centers, and 33 food production plants. This multi-billion company is where Americans in 35 states and the District of Columbia shop for everyday essentials and Kroger has an obligation to provide a safe environment for shoppers.

How Common Are Slips and Falls at Kroger Stores?

If you’ve had a slip and fall at Kroger, you’re not alone. Across the country, slip and falls occur in grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and parking lots. In fact, slip and falls are among the most common reasons for customer injuries. And at Kroger, the story is no different.

How and Why Do Kroger Slip and Fall Injuries Commonly Happen?

When accused of negligence in lawsuits, Kroger will often claim customers are at fault when they slip and fall. In reality, though, Kroeger has a duty to take reasonable steps to keep customers safe on their premises and several courts have found that Kroger has been negligent in providing this care to shoppers. Kroger slip and fall accidents can happen for various reasons:

  • Appliances, drinks, coolers, and other items can leak, causing a slippery surface
  • Floors may be uneven or damaged, causing falls
  • Debris on the floor may not be picked up quickly
  • Cleaned floors may have a slippery surface of wet soap or floor wax
  • There may not be adequate signage showing customers where a floor may be wet
  • Insufficient cleaning practices can allow floors to become slippery
  • Employees may not react promptly to reports of spills and other hazards, putting customers in danger
  • Outdoor walkways may be inadequately maintained, leading to falls
  • Insufficient lighting may make it hard for customers to see where they are going


In some cases, it may be obvious why a slip and fall happened. In other situations, a customer may not know that Kroger staff knew of a leak or other hazardous condition and failed to act. Slippery substances or uneven floors may not always be visible and obvious. For these reasons, if you have been injured after falling in a Kroger store, you may want to speak with a Kroger slip and fall accident attorney in Houston to determine if you have a claim.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Occur?

We tend to think of slip and fall accidents as less serious than motor vehicle accidents and other incidents that can cause catastrophic injury. However, one out of five falls lead to a serious injury and each year falls cause fatalities. While the elderly are most at risk, anyone can suffer serious injuries in a slip and fall incident, including:


The potential seriousness of falls means you will want to treat the situation seriously if you suffer a fall in a Kroger store. Always check carefully to see whether you have suffered injuries and track symptoms carefully. In some cases, symptoms are slow to develop, so it may be best to get a medical evaluation after a fall, just in case.

What Can Recovery Look Like?

When it comes to slip and fall settlement amounts at Kroger, cases vary widely. In some cases, juries award injured plaintiffs millions of dollars. In other cases, settlement amounts may be a few thousand dollars, or a jury may even award nothing to an injured person. The outcome of your situation may depend on the experience and skill of your attorney, the severity of your injuries, the evidence available, and other factors.

If you’re wondering how much you may be able to get in financial recovery, you may want to speak to an experienced slip and fall injuries attorney. An attorney can review the facts and can explain how much your injuries may cost and how much financial recovery you may be able to seek.

What Should You Do If You Slip or Fall at a Kroger?

As soon as you fall in a Kroger, you will want to take steps to protect your ability to get financial recovery through a premises liability claim. Even if you’re in pain, try to stay calm because what happens next matters. As soon as you fall, you will want to:

  • Evaluate the situation. Get emergency help if you need it and try to remember details, such as any spills or debris you see.
  • Gather documentation. If you can, get the names of any store associates or customers nearby and take photos of the scene, including any spills. Jot down the time and any details you remember.
  • Be wary about what you say. Even saying something casual like “oh, I was looking at my phone” or “I didn’t notice that there” can affect your case. Stick to simple facts, such as “I slid and fell.” If Kroger asks you to give a recorded statement, remember that you are under no obligation to do so and if this request is made, you might want to contact an attorney.
  • Report the incident. Report the incident to the store manager and ask for a copy of the incident report, if possible. Get the names of any associates and the name of the manager who helped you.
  • Get evaluated by a doctor. If there is any chance you may have hit your head or suffered an injury in the fall, seek medical help. Some conditions, even when serious, don’t have obvious symptoms, so you will want a medical professional to diagnose you and start treatment right away if needed. Seeing a doctor also helps you better link a fall to any injuries you have suffered.
  • Keep track of symptoms and costs. Do you need to take a taxi home because of your injuries? Do you need to stay home from work or pay for a medical appointment because of your injury? Keep a running list and all receipts for any expenses related to your injury. If you file a claim, you can seek compensation for these costs.

As soon as possible after a slip and fall injury at Kroger, you may also want to speak to a personal injury attorney. Speaking to an attorney soon after your injury allows your lawyer to start securing evidence and start building a case. This is especially important since Kroger and most stores routinely eliminate video recordings from security cameras within 24 hours unless they are given proper written notice to preserve this evidence. Even if you’re not sure you have a case, an attorney can review any offers and can help you review your options for seeking financial recovery.

What Does the Claims Process Look Like?

The claims process often begins with a consultation with an attorney. Your attorney will take care of much of the details of your claim, including filing the claim and engaging in negotiations with the other parties in the case. The process may involve offers and negotiation and a discovery process, which will include all parties securing and sharing information about the case. If no settlement can be reached, your attorney may suggest taking your case to court, where a jury will determine your financial recovery, if any.

How Can Having an Experienced Attorney on Your Side Help?

An experienced attorney can take care of the steps involved in seeking financial recovery. He or she also knows the actions large companies take to reduce liability and avoid having to pay. For example, in 2012, a man was awarded $2.3 million after a slip and fall incident in Kroger. As part of the case, Kroger was accused of changing and destroying video evidence that would have potentially helped the plaintiff. Attorneys understand situations like this can happen and gather evidence of the injury and any potential wrongdoing on the part of the defendant.

Kroger has powerful insurance companies and teams of attorneys on their side, protecting their best interests and trying to pay you less. Your attorney, on the other hand, will work towards the best possible outcome for you. He or she will use their experience to negotiate, present your case in trial, if needed, and gather evidence to help you seek financial recovery.

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