If you were injured because of someone’s negligence, you could be eligible for compensation for your damages. However, proving that you’re injured and that the negligence of the other party caused your injuries can be tricky. The best way to prove a personal injury is through medical records. But not everyone has health insurance or the money to get the care they need.

If you lack the insurance or funds to pay for your medical care, your personal injury attorney may draft a Letter of Protection to assist you in obtaining medical care immediately.

What Is a Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection is a document your attorney creates. It guarantees that your reasonable medical expenses will be paid after the case settles or resolves at trial. Letters of protection are often used in personal injury claims including:

If you were hurt in an accident and made a claim, it could take months to settle. This means you may not have the money to pay for medical care. But you can’t afford to wait for essential medical treatment.

A letter of protection is a legal agreement between you and your physician. The letter says your lawyer will resolve the reasonable and necessary medical bills from the pending claim settlement.

Benefits Brought By Letter of Protection

The benefits of a letter of protection are:

  • Being able to pay medical bills at a later date without penalties and late fees
  • Avoids using credit cards or draining savings to pay for medical care
  • Get the immediate medical attention needed for your recovery
  • Eliminates collections agents from harassing you for payment
  • May avoid damage to your credit score

Having a letter of protection also may help you hold out for more money than the insurance company initially offers. It’s common for insurance companies to offer a low initial offer. A financially desperate accident victim may settle for far less than the case is worth.

If you don’t have a letter of protection, it’s hard to say how much money you will receive in a settlement. You had to delay seeing a physician and cannot prove what your medical costs are. You could wind up with less money than you need to pay medical bills.

When Letters of Protection Are Needed

Many accident victims are disappointed that their auto insurance company won’t cover their medical bills upfront. You cannot submit medical bills as they come in. Your insurance company expects you to pay for the expenses, then submit all medical documentation when your treatment is over.

Even if you pay for everything upfront, the auto insurance company may balk at covering everything. The last thing you want when you’re hurt is a dispute with your insurance company about reimbursing you for your medical treatments!

The auto insurance adjuster assigned to your case may only offer a fraction of the medical bills you have paid. Physicians know that insurance companies often refuse to reimburse them fully. So they may be hesitant to treat a personal injury patient — they think they won’t get paid.

That’s where a letter of protection may come into play. The letter of protection shows the doctor that they’ll be compensated later, so it isn’t risky to treat you.

Do I Qualify for a Letter of Protection?

The only way to get a Texas letter of protection is if you have a personal injury lawyer. If you were hurt in an accident someone else caused and have a lawyer, you may obtain medical care under a letter of protection.

A letter of protection usually is only needed if you get medical treatment but lack health insurance or the ability to pay. Sometimes the health insurance company may refuse to cover your medical expenses.

A letter of protection can be beneficial to personal injury clients. You can get the medical care you need to recover that you wouldn’t have been able to get. In addition, if your health insurance company doesn’t pay, the physician may agree to treat you — with a letter of protection.

However, insurance company attorneys often contend there is something suspect about a letter of protection. This is not the case. On the contrary, actually. A letter of protection is a helpful legal tool that may be essential to immediately get the care you need.

How Can Johnson Garcia Help?

When you’ve been hurt in an accident, you need medical care immediately to recover and avoid permanent disability. A Texas letter of protection can offer you the ability to get the medical treatment you need when you need it most.

If you’re in a situation where a letter of protection could help, contact Johnson Garcia today. They have over 35 years of combined legal experience litigating personal injury settlements and will help you get the justice you deserve.