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Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. They must navigate a maze of hazards to earn their daily bread. Day in and day out, they toil around heavy objects, sharp tools, open wires, moving vehicles, unstable scaffolding, and distracted co-workers.

Some tasks are more treacherous than others. According to official OSHA statistics, four types of accidents account for nearly 65 percent of all construction deaths. Called the fatal four, they include falling, getting hit by an object, being electrocuted, and being crushed. Aware of the perils, government agencies have worked hard to establish clear safety standards for construction sites.

Even when all safety precautions are in place, construction can be dangerous work. Negligence on the part of employers or co-workers only increases the risks. When owners and managers cut corners, they endanger the health and lives of their employees. When fellow workers get lazy or careless, they jeopardize everyone.

Construction workers who suffer injury as a result of such negligence have the right to compensation. With decades of combined legal experience, the workplace injury attorneys at Johnson Garcia LLP are committed to helping injured construction workers and their families get justice so they can move on with their lives.

Take a quick look at our infographic to learn more about the most common causes of construction accidents.

The Fatal Four Common Causes of Construction Accidents infographic

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