Slip and fall accidents can often result in injury requiring medical attention, physiotherapy, and time off work. Taking these steps will strengthen your case should you decide to seek compensation in court.

The first thing to do following any slip and fall accident is to make sure that you are okay. If you have to, call 911 and get medical treatment. Doing this will also create a record of proof that your accident did require medical attention.

Gathering evidence is essential for proving any slip and fall case in court. Take photos and talk to anyone who may have seen the incident. You’ll want to be careful of what you say and how you say it, both to witnesses and your insurance company, as it can affect your case.

Whether you were hurt at your place of employment or in a public setting, you’ll definitely want to report your slip and fall to your supervisor or the manager of the business or any other type of building nearest to where your incident occurred.

Of course, calling an experienced Houston premises liability lawyer is absolutely essential to get the compensation you deserve. Learn more about what to do after a slip and fall accident from this infographic.