In the past years, the number of motorcyclists has dramatically increased across the United States. As the numbers have increased, so have the number of motorcycle-related accidents. There are several causes of motorcycle accidents, but most are caused by the driver’s carelessness or by defective motorcycle parts. Accidents caused by faulty parts can be severe and happen without warning.

A motorcyclist involved in an accident caused by defective motorcycle parts may not be responsible for their damages.

Common Ways Defective Parts Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity; however, there are possible dangers due to the potential of a motorcycle defect.

Malfunctioning brakes

A malfunctioning brake can create defective brake pads that can result in a sudden loss of braking control and increased stopping space, thereby increasing the danger of an accident. Depending on the reason for brake failure, the parts manufacturer, the motorcycle manufacturer, or even the garage where the parts of the bike were installed may be at fault.

Fuel system defects

Accidents caused by a defect in the motorcycle’s fuel system can be serious. They may lead to burns. The uncovered nature of the fuel system and its closeness to the rider’s body and their lower extremities can result in an injury of the legs. On the other hand, malfunctioning fuel lines can lead to overheating. However, many motorcycle riders don’t realize this defect until it is too late to avoid an overwhelming accident or fire.

Defective tires

Many people think that defective tires are a problem faced only by car drivers; however, bikers are even more susceptible to defective tires. Typically, the defect causes the line to separate from the tire, causing a flat tire. This situation is very hard to control and can lead to a serious crash. Defective tires can make the rider wobbly and cause them to veer onto other paths or slide while braking.

Defective handlebars

Handlebars are important for efficient steering and keeping the bike on the preferred path. Defective handlebars can cause your motorcycle to shake or make it difficult to steer it to prevent an accident. Additionally, some handlebars are not appropriately treated against the heat generated by the motorbike, causing them to crack and move. This, in turn, can lead to a crash.

Defective helmet

Apart from the motorcycle itself, other bike accessories can have hidden defects that can result in serious injuries. This is particularly true when it comes to defective helmets.

Defective engine

An unpredicted breaking down of the engine of your bike can be a scary experience. Engine failure can also cause a blowout, which can lead to a serious crash. A lot of riders don’t anticipate their engines will stop running in the middle of the road without any notice. However, a defective engine can cause your motorcycle to stall in places where you need to be moving.

Overall design defect

Some motorcycles have a poor design that makes them very hard to function and more susceptible to accidents. In addition to specific safety defects regarding the bike, individual parts, and accessories, it may be possible to take legal action when your motorcycle has awkwardly hazardous designs. A poorly designed motorcycle can cause problems for the rider, and the makers must be aware of the possible dangers made by the designs.

Who is Responsible When a Motorcycle Part is Defective?

Although riding motorcycles comes with a high risk of crashing, manufacturers have the duty to create practically safe products for riders. When determining if a defective motorcycle caused an accident, it is important to inspect whether the parts in question operated as they were supposed to operate, whether the design’s problem led to the malfunction and whether the proper warnings and cautions were included in the parts label.

If you can show that a malfunction or design defect existed, you may have a claim against the individual or company that was involved in the manufacturing. Additionally, the retailer, distributor, or even the repair shop may be liable for a defective part. For example, in a motorcycle accident caused by a malfunctioning brake, the brake manufacturer or the mechanic who last worked on your motorcycle brake might be held liable for the injuries.

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