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Wide Turn Truck Accident Lawyers

Wide Turn Truck Accident Lawyers

In the bustling streets of Houston, navigating around large commercial vehicles is a daily occurrence for many motorists. Unfortunately, the intricate maneuvers these trucks often need to make, especially during wide turns, can lead to significant accidents. The consequences of these accidents can be severe, making it crucial for victims to have knowledgeable representation on their side.

At Johnson Garcia, our specialized Wide Turn Truck Accident Lawyers combine experience with dedication to advocate for those affected by such incidents. If you or a loved one has been devastated by one of these accidents, our Houston lawyers — with over 35 years of experience — stand ready to help you every step of the way in receiving the justice and compensation you deserve.

Wide Turn Truck Accident Lawyers

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Common Causes of Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are a common sight on Houston’s roads. While they’re vital for moving goods around our city and beyond, their size and the way they move can pose risks. One of the main challenges truck drivers face is making wide turns. Several factors, ranging from driver behavior to environmental conditions, can lead to these wide-turn accidents. Here are some of the most common causes:

Inadequate Driver Training

The art of driving a large commercial vehicle, especially when making wide turns, demands specific skills. Insufficient training may result in drivers not understanding the spatial requirements or not knowing how to respond to certain situations, increasing the potential for accidents.

Oversized Loads

When trucks carry loads beyond their intended capacity, it alters their dynamics. The weight can shift unpredictably, especially during turns. This change in weight distribution can make a truck more challenging to maneuver, leading to mishaps during wide turns.

Blind Spots or “No-Zones”

Large trucks have extensive areas around them where other vehicles are invisible to the driver. Despite mirrors and cameras, some regions remain hidden. If a smaller vehicle lingers in these spots, especially during a turn, the risk of a collision surges.

Fatigued Driving

Long hours on the highway take a toll on truck drivers. Fatigue impairs reaction times and decision-making abilities. A weary driver is less likely to gauge a wide turn correctly, causing potential collisions.

Distracted Driving

Inside a truck’s cabin, numerous things can divert a driver’s focus — messages on the phone, adjustments to the radio, or even a simple snack. These momentary distractions, especially during complex maneuvers like wide turns, can have catastrophic results.

Mechanical Failures

A commercial truck’s machinery is intricate. Should any component, especially vital ones like brakes or steering systems, malfunction, it jeopardizes the truck’s ability to turn safely. Regular maintenance is crucial, but sometimes, unexpected failures occur.

Poor Road Conditions

Deteriorated roads, replete with potholes, cracks, or even debris, can disrupt a truck’s trajectory during a wide turn. Especially if the driver isn’t anticipating these obstacles, they can lead to unexpected and sudden mishaps.

High Speeds

The physics of turning a massive vehicle means speed plays a significant role. A turn taken at an excessive speed reduces the driver’s control over the truck, often resulting in rollovers or collisions.

Awareness of these causes is the first step toward fostering safer roadways in Houston. Every accident tells a story, interwoven with the factors that led to it. At Johnson Garcia, we are committed to unraveling that story, using our expertise to stand up for victims and ensure they have the best possible advocacy in their pursuit of justice.

Injuries Sustained in Wide Turn Accidents

Accidents involving wide turns by large commercial vehicles often result in profound physical harm due to the sheer size and weight of these trucks. The injuries sustained can range from mild to life-threatening and, in some cases, may have long-term or permanent consequences. Understanding the nature of these injuries can shed light on the devastating impact these accidents can have on individuals.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

When vehicles are struck by trucks making wide turns, the impact’s force can cause occupants to hit their heads against the car’s interior, leading to TBIs. These injuries can result in cognitive impairments, memory loss, or even lifelong disabilities.

Spinal Cord Damages

When trucks make wide turns, they can sweep into adjacent lanes or onto curbs, leading to sudden and unexpected collisions. The occupants in smaller vehicles may not have the necessary time or space to maneuver out of the way. As a result, the direct impact from the truck’s side or rear during these turns can cause a sharp, jarring motion, potentially leading to severe trauma to the spine. Such trauma can damage the spinal cord, increasing the risk of partial or full paralysis.

Broken Bones and Fractures

The weight and momentum of a truck making a wide turn can crush smaller vehicles in its path. Such collisions often subject occupants to immense pressure, leading to broken bones and fractures, especially in the limbs or ribcage.

Internal Injuries

The force from a wide-turn accident can result in injuries to vital organs such as the lungs, liver, or kidneys. These injuries might not be immediately evident but can have severe complications if not diagnosed promptly.

Lacerations and Abrasions

Shattered glass or twisted metal from a vehicle’s frame can lead to deep cuts or surface-level abrasions. In the event of a wide-turn collision, these risks are amplified due to the potential for large trucks to virtually “sweep” the side of other vehicles.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

The sudden back-and-forth motion experienced during a collision can strain neck muscles and ligaments, leading to whiplash. This injury is common in wide-turn accidents, especially when trucks strike the rear or side of another vehicle.

Crush Injuries

Given the size difference between commercial trucks and passenger cars, wide-turn accidents can sometimes result in smaller vehicles being pinned or trapped. This can lead to crush injuries where limbs or other body parts suffer severe trauma due to prolonged pressure.

Psychological Trauma

Beyond the physical, the sheer terror of witnessing a massive truck making a wide turn and colliding can lead to post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues. The mental scars from such an incident can linger long after physical wounds have healed.


Given the size and force associated with large trucks, wide-turn accidents can sometimes result in fatalities. The impact, especially at higher speeds or with limited protection for smaller vehicles, can be too overwhelming for the human body to bear. In such tragic circumstances, families are not only left grieving the sudden loss of a loved one, but they might also face financial burdens and a quest for justice.

At Johnson Garcia, we understand the profound impact of wrongful death cases and are dedicated to pursuing accountability on behalf of the affected families, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape during their time of need.

In the aftermath of such accidents, it’s not just the physical pain that victims grapple with— it’s the emotional and financial burdens, too. At Johnson Garcia, we recognize the multifaceted challenges victims face and offer our unwavering support and expertise in navigating the road to recovery and justice.

Who’s at Fault in a Wide-Turn Truck Accident?

Establishing fault in a wide-turn truck accident can be complex due to the myriad of factors involved. Texas follows the “proportionate responsibility” system, which allows for the allocation of fault between parties. Understanding how Texas law views fault in these accidents is essential for victims seeking justice and compensation.

Truck Driver’s Responsibility

Under Texas law, commercial truck drivers have an enhanced duty of care given the size and potential danger of their vehicles. Any failure to execute a wide turn properly, resulting from factors like inadequate training, distraction, or fatigue, can lead to the driver being deemed at fault.

Additionally, if the driver violates any Texas traffic regulations, like failing to signal or adhere to right-of-way rules during a turn, this can further solidify their fault in the accident.

Trucking Company Liability

Texas law allows for the principle of “respondeat superior,” meaning an employer (in this case, the trucking company) can be held responsible for the negligent actions of its employee (the truck driver). If it’s shown that the company did not ensure proper training vehicle maintenance, or overlooked vital safety protocols, they could share the blame.

Third-Party Responsibility

In some situations, a third party might be partly at fault. This could include manufacturers of faulty truck equipment, other drivers who may have acted recklessly, or entities responsible for road conditions, like construction companies or local municipalities.

Comparative Fault of the Victim

Texas employs a “modified comparative fault” system. This means that if the victim is found to be partially at fault, their compensation could be reduced proportionately. However, if the victim is more than 50% at fault, they may not recover any damages.

Evidence and Expert Testimony

Establishing fault often requires gathering substantial evidence, like accident reports, witness testimonies, and truck logs. Additionally, expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction specialists, might be enlisted to provide a detailed breakdown of how the accident unfolded and who bears the primary responsibility.

How Can the Houston Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers at Johnson Garcia Help?

The task of proving fault in a wide-turn truck accident requires meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of Texas law. At Johnson Garcia, we specialize in dissecting these accidents, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable and that victims receive steadfast support in pursuing their claims.

Contact us at 832-844-6700 or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation. With over 35 years of combined experience, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the legal process. Let the experts at Johnson Garcia advocate for you, turning your challenges into triumphs and ensuring that justice is served.

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