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Houston Contingency Lawyer

If you’re a business owner, you already know that you’re more vulnerable to the costs of litigation than larger companies. If a contractor, property manager, vendor, or other party harms your business or assets in some way, however, you shouldn’t have to accept it simply because you can’t pay for a lawyer. In situations like these, some lawyers offer prospective clients the option to work under what is known as a contingency fee agreement.

When working with a contingency lawyer in Houston, he or she is only paid if the case is successful. This saves business owners who can’t otherwise afford an attorney from having to put money down up front. The amount the lawyer will receive, known as the contingency fee, is paid from the money awarded after the case is won. The actual contingency fee amount may vary depending on the lawyer and the case, but it is typically around one third of the total recovered damages.¹

Advantages of Working With a Contingency Lawyer

  • No upfront payment means you won’t have to scrape together a down payment from money you need to keep your business open.
  • If you’re turning just enough profit to make payments on business loans, inventory, utilities, employee pay and other necessities, contingency makes it possible for you to get legal help while still paying for these important expenses.
  • In other types of agreements, you pay a certain amount of money to your lawyer regardless of the outcome of the case. In a contingency fee agreement, you won’t be billed for your lawyer’s time if your case is unsuccessful (note that this only pertains to your lawyer’s pay—you may still need to pay other relevant filing or court fees incurred).
  • When a lawyer agrees to a contingency fee agreement, it usually means that he or she believes you have a good chance of winning your case. Simply knowing that your lawyer is confident in your case can give you peace of mind while you wait for the outcome.
  • Because the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless the case is won, you know that there is a personal incentive for your attorney to develop the best possible case in order to win.
  • The amount your contingency attorney is paid varies based on the amount he or she is able to recover. This adds additional financial incentive to get you the most money possible.

Need a Contingency Fee Lawyer in Houston? We Can Help!

At Johnson Garcia LLP, we know that business owners may not be able to manage an hourly attorney fee or down payment. We also know that when your business is in its formative first years, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’re pouring your profits into a losing case. Our expert contingency lawyers in Texas can help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses without any initial payment. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

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