Car accidents can cause many different types of injuries. Many of those injuries can be diagnosed almost immediately (e.g. a broken bone), but there are several serious injuries that doctors and even victims might overlook or not recognize immediately.

Many of these injuries are overlooked because they are internal, such as bleeding internally or a herniated disc in your back. Other injuries, such as concussions and hand fractures, may simply be missed by doctors while they’re focused on more obvious treatment like stitching gashes and setting other broken bones. Still, other injuries, like post-traumatic stress disorder, may only manifest themselves weeks—if not months—after the accident.

In order to make sure injuries like these aren’t neglected, seek immediate medical advice after the accident, even if you don’t think you were badly hurt. In the days after the accident, watch for any subtle changes in your body, as well as any symptoms that might be an injury manifesting itself. You’ll also want to consult with an experienced car accident attorney, just in case you do end up requiring substantial medical treatment.

Overlooked injuries can cost you thousands of dollars in lost wages, not to mention a decrease in your quality of life. For more information about overlooked car accident injuries and how to detect them, please read the following infographic.

Common Overlooked Car Accident Injuries