It’s Black Friday once again, the time of the year when holiday shopping comes into full swing. While this day brings big sales and massive discounts, it also attracts huge crowds at shopping malls and retail stores. This often results in serious injuries as shoppers scramble for the best deals, race from one store or mall to the other, or try to find their way in or out of parking lots.  

With the 2020 Black Friday occuring during the COVID-19 crisis, things are happening differently this year. Shoppers may not have to spend countless hours at the stores, pushing past others, and having to run around all day, as many shopping malls and retail stores have implemented measures to ensure safety and curb coronavirus’s spread. 

Stores prepare for Black Friday during COVID-19 pandemic 

As the number of COVID-19 victims continues to swell, most of this year’s Black Friday sales will be done online but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any in-store shoppers. Much like any other part of the country, retail stores and shopping malls in Texas have continued to adopt creative measures to make in-store shopping safe for all. Some of these include:

Common personal injuries during Black Friday shopping sales 

Even with these new measures in place, shoppers aren’t entirely safe from the fury that comes with overzealous bargain-hunters. As it has always been the case, injuries are anticipated during this period, especially in the crowded stores and parking lots. Below are some of the most common injuries that occur during Black Friday shopping sales inside and outside the stores:

   1. Parking lot injuries

During Black Friday, traffic in and around store parking lots is congested with swarms of shoppers driving aggressively to make it on time to the sales. In the frenzied commotion, these distracted drivers and pedestrians run a higher risk of experiencing an accident which can result in severe personal injuries. 

    2. In-store injuries

In-store injuries commonly occur during Black Friday as customers clamber to grab merchandise. You may be injured by a shopping cart as shoppers with heavy overloaded carts force their way through the aisles. Heavy boxes may fall off the overloaded shelves onto your head or body resulting in fractures or internal bleeding. Store owners have the responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe so if you can prove that your injuries are due to the shop owner’s negligence, such as wobbly shelves or a wet floor, you may be eligible to pursue compensation. 

    3. Stampedes 

The fear of missing out on great deals tends to get the best of people, and regrettably, this results in frightening and tragic reactions as shoppers end up trampling over each other for those bargain deals. If you’re caught up in this mess, you could sustain serious internal injuries, bruises, or spine fractures. The best way to avoid this is shopping during the least crowded times of the day but if your Black Friday shopping excursion results in injuries, talk to an experienced injury lawyer right away so you can determine your legal recourse.

Injured during Black Friday?

Whether your injury is caused by a distracted driver in the store parking lot, a violent in-store shopper, or negligence on the store’s part, an experienced Houston personal injury attorney can help you recover full compensation for your damages. Call the Houston injury attorneys of Johnson Garcia LLP at (832) 844-6700  to schedule a free and confidential consultation.