There’s no doubt that auto crashes are inevitable – even the safest driver can sometimes be involved in an accident. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you’re likely to file an insurance claim, especially if someone else’s negligence caused your injuries and damages. The unfortunate reality is that dealing with insurance companies can sometimes become more stressful and confusing than the accident itself. Not only can the insurance providers deny liability, but they may try to use unscrupulous tactics just to make you accept the least compensation possible. This practical guide highlights various ways to help you get the right settlement that covers any physical health costs or financial instability stemming from the auto crash. 

Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

After starting a claim, someone from the insurance company will contact you and ask questions about the accident. Some agents will not shy off from coercing you into giving a recorded statement. While it’s a requirement in your insurance policy to cooperate with the insurance company, giving a recorded statement may not be one of them. In fact, you should never give a statement or try to follow the insurance provider’s lead on resolving your case without legal counsel. 

Just tell them what you feel comfortable with and keep your responses to a minimum, providing only basic contact and identifying information. If you are not sure about something, tell them to give you some time to settle down, and then call them back later. Remember, the insurance company agents are always looking for any signs of admissions of liability that can be used against you to lower or deny your claim.

Avoid Speaking to Claims Adjusters Without Legal Advice

Almost immediately after a claim, the insurance company will send out agents, usually professional claim adjusters to investigate the claim. These individuals’ roles often include determining the amount of loss or damages, evaluating the value of a claim, and sometimes making settlement negotiations with the claimants. 

While claim adjusters might come across as friendly and easy to get along with, you need to know that that is part of their employee training. They will express concern, act friendly, and their kindness might fool you into saying or doing things that may eventually hurt your claim. After all, they have only one objective – to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible and make enormous profits for the insurance company they represent. That’s why it’s never wise to speak to them without legal advice from a reputable personal injury attorney.

Settling The Claim May Not Be as Urgent as It Seems

With medical bills piling, your car damaged, and your ability to continue work affected, the insurance company knows that you are in dire need of money. With that in mind, they will make you an offer and rush you into accepting whatever little they are offering. But never fall for this trick. Accepting the first offer could deny you a chance to get rightful compensation. For instance, if surgery or other treatment doesn’t go as the doctor initially anticipated, you may need to undertake further treatment procedures. These new medical directions and other expenses should never come after you’ve already accepted a settlement offer.

Even though you mustn’t make hasty decisions, regardless of how minor or extensive the damage and medical costs are, you cannot wait forever to file a claim after an auto crash. The statute of limitations in Texas requires that you make a personal injury claim within two years from the car accident date. Don’t let this time pass as you may not be eligible to get the compensation either through the claim process or a lawsuit.

The Insurance Company is 100% Capable of Paying Your Worth

There’s no denying that insurance companies are among the wealthiest organizations in the world. They charge their customers monthly premiums and make huge profits by denying and low balling client claims. This might be true in your case too. That’s why you should never accept the first offer they make you as it is probably a lot less than what you are owed. It is best to speak with a capable lawyer. Even though not all claims are worth a million dollars, your attorney will give you an honest assessment of your situation. 

An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

Getting involved in a car accident can be quite overwhelming. There are many complicated legal processes that you have to deal with besides the pain you are feeling. That may frustrate you and make you susceptible to manipulation by the claim adjusters representing the insurance company you think you can trust. But you don’t have to succumb to the frustrations. An experienced personal injury lawyer is your best bet if you want to increase your chances of success. Not only will the right attorney help you find out if you are eligible to get compensation for your injuries and damages but will negotiate a reasonable settlement offer on your behalf. If the need arises, the lawyer you hire will take your case to trial and work relentlessly to protect your rights.

Let the Attorneys at Johnson Garcia LLP Fight for You

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