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Those who have been involved in a car accident understand how frightening it can be. Any number of injuries can be sustained as a result of a car wreck, and some will require surgery. If you’re experiencing pain or worrisome symptoms, see your doctor.

A knee injury may not seem like something that you have to worry about—but not all knee injuries will heal on their own. If you’ve been in a head-on collision and have a torn ACL or meniscus, surgery and rehabilitation can restore your mobility.

Your vehicle’s airbag is there to cushion the impact from an accident, but, when it deploys, internal injuries like a collapsed lung or damage to your spleen or kidneys can be the result. Getting immediate medical attention for these types of injuries will help you avoid further complications.

Brain injuries can commonly occur as a result of the impact of an accident. Blood clots or a skull fracture can be addressed with surgery, greatly lessening the risk of future brain injury.

Getting immediate medical attention to auto accident injuries is always a good idea. This infographic from Houston accident lawyer Johnson Garcia LLP reveals more about injuries that may be serious.

4 Common Auto Accident Injuries