Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces. In Texas alone, hundreds of workers get injured or die in construction-related jobs every year. Like many states, Texas law allows injured construction workers to seek compensation for any work-related injury as long as they got injured or ill within the course and scope of their job.

Here are some of the most common construction accidents that can lead to valid workers’ injury claims in Texas.

  1. Falls from Heights – This is a common accident among chimney masons, roofers, and other workers who are often required to work at very high heights. Falls from heights are often due to a lack of fall prevention safety equipment, faulty equipment, unsafe ladders, and hazardous scaffolding equipment.
  2. Slips and falls – From uneven ground to stray tools and slippery surfaces, there are many hazards on construction sites that could result in a dangerous slip, trip, or fall. Regardless of how minor or severe a slip and fall accident is, it can cause serious injuries such as sprains and broken bones.
  3. Falling objects, materials, and debris – Building materials, tools, and other heavy objects sometimes fall and strike workers below. These types of accidents often lead to serious injuries, which can even cause the victim’s death. Falling tools, materials, and debris are perhaps one of the reasons why construction workers are required to wear a hard hat.
  4. Electrocution – It is not uncommon to find power lines, unfinished electrical systems, and exposed wirings around a construction site. Any of these could lead to serious construction accidents such as electrocution or even the victim’s death.
  5. Fires and explosions – Besides electrocuting workers, exposed wiring may also spark fires and explosions. Gas leaks and unfinished piping are among other elements that may pose a similar threat to a construction site.
  6. Ground or trench collapses – Trenches are common on building sites. These and other excavations often make the ground and surrounding areas unstable and can sometimes collapse and burry those working nearby.
  7. Caught-between accidents – Construction workers can, at times, get trapped between materials. Whether it’s just a limb or an entire person that gets stuck in between immovable objects, machinery, or fallen debris, this accident can cause broken ribs or cut off a worker’s oxygen intake, which may eventually lead to death.
  8. Machinery accidents – Construction jobs often involve heavy machinery. While heavy machinery is integral in completing construction jobs, it creates serious risks to construction workers, especially when faulty or operated by a negligent operator.
  9. Exposure to toxins or dangerous chemicals – Besides physical harm, construction workers may sometimes experience “occupational illnesses or diseases.” These are more prevalent in sites where workers are exposed to toxins, dangerous chemicals, and certain dust types for prolonged periods.
  10. Overexertion – It is common for construction crews to put in hours of hard labor, sometimes in extremely humid or hot conditions. This can cause injury from fainting, dehydration, or even heat strokes.
  11. Getting hit by a vehicle – Construction sites are sometimes located near roads or highways. In such instances, it is possible for a worker to get hit by a passing vehicle, especially if it is dark out or the driver is not paying attention.

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