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The consequences of a criminal charge by the government can weigh heavily on you and the people around you. Many times, a person’s freedom and future will be at stake and the choice of counsel can be critical in obtaining the best outcome available. At Johnson Garcia LLP, our Houston criminal defense attorney Will Mejia heads the Criminal Law Section and uses his long-time experience as a prosecutor to evaluate the most effective criminal defense strategies for each case he handles.
Will has handled a variety of criminal cases at both the 
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misdemeanor and felony level during his 9 years as a prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He has experience in handling cases of domestic violence, property crimes, crimes of fraud, financial crimes, violent crimes, driving while intoxicated offenses (DWIs), vehicular crimes and many others.

We’ll Work Hard For You

As a District Court Chief, Houston criminal defense lawyer Will Mejia was assigned the worst and most violent crimes in Harris County. He fought to seek justice in child sexual assaults, adult sexual assaults, intoxication manslaughters, murders and capital murders. While protecting those victims and their families, he learned how important it is to have someone who is prepared and detail-oriented fighting for you. When appointed to serve as the Deputy Chief of the Misdemeanor division, Will was involved in the recruiting and hiring of new prosecutors. His responsibility included the supervising, training and development of more than 85 misdemeanor prosecutors.
This experience provides him with invaluable insight and ability to present his client’s defense in the most favorable light. As a prosecutor and now a Houston criminal defense attorney, Will has the extensive training, knowledge and experience necessary to best represent you. Whether your case is in Federal or State court, Will is ready to fight for you. He is an experienced litigator who is prepared to defend your rights. Every story has two sides, let Will be the voice for yours.

Real Experience Leads To Results

At Johnson Garcia LLP, we believe that REAL EXPERIENCE LEADS TO REAL RESULTS for clients. If you need a Harris County criminal defense lawyer, call Will now to discuss your case. Will accepts clients in the following areas:

Charged With A Crime In Houston?

At Johnson Garcia LLP we believe that our clients are deserving of the best possible defense representation. Whether it is your first encounter with the criminal justice system, you have been wrongfully accused, or you are facing overly aggressive prosecution, turn to Johnson Garcia LLP for AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION WITH EXPERIENCE.

Past Experience

Assistant District Attorney (2010-2019), Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Houston, Texas. Has tried over 40 jury trials in Harris County.

Supervised felony prosecutors and helped to develop them as trial lawyers. Handled all aspects of the most serious cases in court, including capital murders and oversaw the handling of a felony docket of over 1,100 active criminal cases.


Investigated, filed, prepared and went to jury trial on all types of complex domestic violence crimes in Harris County, including assault family member, assault family member impeding breathing, violation of protective order, harassment, stalking and murder.


Oversaw the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Pretrial Diversion and Misdemeanor Pretrial Intervention and Veterans Court programs. Conducted trainings for misdemeanor division.


Assigned to the Vehicle Crimes Fatality Call Out Team, Family Criminal Law Division, Consumer Fraud Division, Public Assistance Fraud Division, Grand Jury Division, HCDAO Spanish Media Team, HCDAO Community Outreach Team, HCDAO Community Media Team, Domestic Violence Task Force Member where he worked hand in hand with law enforcement to tackle labor intensive detail-oriented crimes.

DWI – Driving While Intoxicated

When facing a charge for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), your driver’s license, job, and freedom are all at risk. It is important that you retain the services of an experienced and aggressive Houston criminal defense attorney. Will Mejia at Johnson Garcia LLP is here 24/7 to provide you AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION WITH EXPERIENCE.

What Evidence Might The Prosecution Use?

Blood Testing

Harris County has a no refusal program. A majority of Harris County DWI cases involve blood testing. You need a Houston criminal defense lawyer that is ready to combat this evidence.

Breath Testing

Law enforcement officers also administer a breath test when a driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated. You need a Houston criminal defense lawyer that is ready to combat the deficiencies in the government’s evidence.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

Most law enforcement officers conduct side of the road standardized field sobriety tests on drivers to determine if they are intoxicated. Most cases hinge on these roadside tests. You need a Houston criminal defense lawyer who can explain and show a jury just how difficult those tests can be.

What Are The Possible Outcomes of A DWI Charge?

There are multiple outcomes to a criminal case. Our goal at Johnson Garcia LLP is to defend your rights to the fullest to achieve the best possible results.
Jury Trial

Every American has the right to a trial. This is a discussion we will have.


A Class B Misdemeanor probation typically ranges from 1-2 years, depending on the facts of the case and criminal history. Conditions are negotiated with and are set by the District Attorney’s Office. A plea to probation will result in a conviction which will remain on your record.

Jail Time

DWI offenses carry a range of punishment classifications. A Class B first time DWI carries a range of punishment from 1-180 days in county jail. An offer of jail time is negotiated by your attorney with the District Attorney’s Office. In considering a recommendation the assigned Assistant District Attorney will consider facts of your case and your prior criminal record. A plea to jail time will result in a conviction which will remain on your record.

Pre-Trial Intervention

A Pre-Trial Intervention is Harris County District Attorney’s Office program that allows for the defendant to avoid a final conviction while being placed on supervision for a period of time. Clients do not need to plead guilty, and there is no finding of guilt. Upon completion of a set supervised period of time, the case is dismissed without a conviction on your record. Successfully completing a Pre-Trial Diversion will NOT result in a conviction and it will NOT become a part of your criminal record.


A case may be dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office for various reasons. You need an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and be your voice in court.

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