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Business Interruption Insurance Coverage

Business interruption insurance coverage is an important part of protecting your business. Business operations can be interrupted at any time by a natural disaster, like the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Arguably one of the most devastating events to occur in the rural south, Hurricane Harvey is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial and residential damage throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana. Several lives have been lost because of the disaster, and those that remain have been changed forever.

Business owners rely on business interruption insurance coverage to ensure their businesses can survive these kinds of unexpected obstacles. The coverage can be purchased through an existing commercial insurance policy package or, at times, in a special standalone policy. There are ways of fighting against Earth’s natural disasters – you just need to know where to look.

When a Business Interruption Claim Is Denied

In today’s competitive business world, every hour of business operation means financial revenue that can be crucial to one’s success. A business interruption caused by a hurricane or storm not only results in the loss of ongoing business, but also the loss of valuable (and specific) one-time opportunities that can disappear if not instantly grabbed.

Insurance companies may deny business interruption claims for several reasons. For example, the interruption in question may not have been caused by a covered event, and the part of the business affected is not covered under the current policy. Insurers may also agree to cover your business interruption claim, but then try to undervalue your business losses.

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So, What Can You Do Next?

The team at Johnson Garcia LLP has extensive experience handling insurance claims, and knows exactly how insurance companies operate. How, you ask? Because we used to represent insurance companies in just these types of claims.

We know how to identify the key clauses in business insurance contracts to support claims and force insurance companies to deal fairly with our clients.

Give Us a Call Today

When insurance companies fail to pay business interruption insurance benefits, it can mean catastrophic financial losses for any business, and operations can potentially be put on hold. At Johnson Garcia LLP, we represent policyholders from the Houston area and throughout Texas. If your business interruption claim has been unfairly denied or undervalued, our trial lawyers are here to protect your rights.

If you are involved in an insurance claim dispute and feel your insurance company is not treating you fairly, please contact us to arrange a free case evaluation with a business interruption claims lawyer in Texas. Understanding your legal rights and effectively handling an insurance claim can be difficult, especially in times of hardship and loss. We are proven negotiators and trial lawyers who represent policyholders in business interruption insurance disputes.

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